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Top 10 byju’s competitors & Alternatives

Looking for byju’s competitors? We have compiled the list of the top 10 byju’s Alternatives Based on Reviews on the Internet. Founded by Byju Raveendran in 2011, Byju’s is a Leading online tutoring firm in India. The company has Changed the concept of Traditional Education radically within the last few years.

With the rise of the Internet and technology, students Have Freedom and Flexibility to Study Anytime without Restrictions. Most People Who tend to Choose online Study Tend to have other Work. The Primary Benefit of Online Learning is Comfortable Learning Environment, Cost Efficient & Flexibility. 

Byju’s Have the Highest Market Share in Indian EdTech space. However, This Doesn’t Mean there is No Competition in the Business. Here top 10 byju’s competitors trying to Make their place in Market Share. 

Top byju’s competitors

CompanyEstablishment YearHeadquartered
Vedantu 2011Bangalore
Khan Academy 2006Mountain View, California
Unacademy 2015Bengaluru
Udemy 2010San Francisco
Meritnation 2009New Delhi
Skill Share2010New York
Coursera2012Mountain View, California

1. Vedantu 

Vedantu is one of the Leading Indian online education Platform Providing Education Over the Internet. Started in 2011, the Bangalore Based company Provides Education for Students from 4th Class to 12th. Vedantu uses Whiteboard Audio-video Method to Provide 1-1 Teacher Student Sessions. They also Provide Education for IIT Entrance JEE Examination. 

Vedantu Raised a Fund of $5 million from Accel Partners and Tiger Global Management. This Fund was utilized in Emerging New Technology solutions for tablets and mobile to run Numbers of Live Sessions simultaneously. With the Latest Funding, Vedantu’s Entire Funding Reaches over $200 million.

2. Khan Academy 

Founded in 2006, the Khan Academy is one of the Biggest byju’s competitors. Established by Sal Khan, The Khan Academy is an American non-profit online Education Organization. All the Resources on the Khan Academy Website are Available for Free of Cost. Khan Academy Produces Short videos in Different Fields to Educate Students. 

As Khan Academy is a Non-Profit Organization, Khan Academy is Mostly Funded by donations charitable Organizations. Khan Academy Websites Essentially provide Free Educational Videos that are hosted on Youtube. All The Khan Academy Lesson Videos have been translated into several languages which Makes it one of the Biggest byju’s competitors in India. 

3 . Toppr

Toppr is one of the Most prominent byju’s competitors in India. Started in 2013, the Toppr is one of the Largest online Learning Platforms. The Company was founded by an IIT-Bombay Graduate Zishaan Hayath. Mr. Hayath has also co-Founded a Startup called Chaupaati Bazaar. 

The Learning App From Toppr Has More than 13 Million Users with 17,255,170 Happy Students. Byju, India’s most valuable edtech startup is Planning to Buy its Biggest Competitor Toppr for about $ 120-150. 

4. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is an Online Education Platform Founded in 2010 by Krishna Kumar. The Company Provides online Education Related to artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, cloud computing, digital marketing, Deep Learning, and data science. As of 2020, the company Has Raised More than $28 million from Different Big Investors in the Market. 

Simplilearn conducts More than 1,500 live classes each month. They have Trained More than 2+ Million Professionals in 150+ Countries. The online Easy Learning Platform Makes it one of the Biggest byju’s competitors. 

5. Unacademy 

Headquatered in Banglore, India the unacademy is one of the Largest Online Learning platforms in India. Unacademy was Originally Created as a Youtube Channel in 2010. The Company was Officially an Educational company in 2015. Unacademy Has investment from Big Firms Like Facebook, General Atlantic, Nexus Ventures, and Flipkart CEO Mr. Kalyan Krishnamurthy. 

Recently in 2018, the unacademy also Acquired Wifistudy for $10 million. The Wifistudy is a Youtube Channel that Provides Education for competitive public-sector exams Like SSC, Railways, Banking & More. 

Unacademy Has a team or Network of 18000 Teachers who Provides Education on Their Platform. The company also provides preparation material for several professional Examinations in India Making it one of the Main byju’s competitors in India. 

7. Udemy 

Udemy is an American online Learning Platform Started in 2010. The Udemy online Platform Has More than 155,000 Courses with More than 40 Million Students. Udemy allows Their Educators to build online Courses on their profession. The instructors can Udemy’s course development tools to Create Their Course and upload it on the Platform. 

Udemy offers courses in Various Niches which Includes Computers, Academics, Art, language, Fitness, the Internet, Music, and More. Depending upon the Educator, the Courses on udemy can be Free or Paid.

Company Launched Their Mobile App for IOS and Android in 2013 & 2014 Respectively. The Mobile App ALlows the Students to Directly take the Class from Their Mobile Devices. The IOS App of udemy was Downloaded More than 1 Million Times within 1 year of Launch. 

8. Meritnation 

Meritnation is an online Platform Providing online Training to Students in 9 Different Countries. They Have been Awarded as the top Education Website in India in 2015. Meritnations Provides Courses to Students From 1st to 12th in Subjects Like Science, maths, English, Hindi and SST. 

9. Skill Share 

SkillShare is an Online Learning Platform offering Courses in Different Categories Like Entrepreneurship, Design, technology, and More. Founded in 2010, SkillShare is one of the Biggest of byju’s competitors in the market. SkillShare Has More than 27,000 premium classes with 2,000 free classes. 

To focus on individual creativity, SkillShare collaborated with Levi’s to Launch the School of MakeOurMark. In 2014, the Company Started with a $9.95 Monthly Membership for its Courses. The Students Also have Free Membership option where they can watch Limited videos Per Month. 

A couple of years back in 2018, the company launched Its Collection of Courses called Skillshare Originals. All of this Original Content was Produced and Crated by Skillshop In House Professionals Team. 

10. Coursera

Launched in April 2012, Coursera is an American Online learning Platform offering online Courses, Degrees, and specializations. Coursera operates with Different universities to Provide online Courses and Degrees. They Have Raised initial $16 million funding by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and New Enterprise Associates. 

In 2019, the overall valuation of the Company was Around $1 billion+. In Total Coursera has partnered with 200 Universities in 29 Countries. 

In Conclusion 

E-Learning Has Changed the Overall Concept of Learning. More and More Companies are Investing in the online Education Field. With Most of the Educationals Institute Colisng Due to Pandemic, Online Education Platforms has Helped Students achieve academic continuity. The online learning Platforms are Encouraging learning something beyond the norm. 

With More and More Online Learning Platforms are Getting Introduced Regularly, the byju’s competitors will also Expand. To Stay on Top of all other Companies, Byju has to strengthen the organization and Keep Adding New Courses to their overall Lineup. 

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